Did you know Digimon seasons 1 and 2 were based on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan? You can check out all the locations as well as additional information that compares photos with screenshots of the anime in this nifty interactive map. Check it out!


太一とコロモン by ますにくる


So I recently started watching Digimon. Never watched it as a kid so I’m watching it with the wifeu as she rewatches it.

Gomamon is my precious baby, I love this snarky little shit



This movie is beautiful; I love the animation in it, and the story was quite epic for a children’s film.

(Note; it’s the full Digimon movie here. So get comfortable).

When this Koramon digivilved, he expanded more than my uncle at thanksgiving.


Greymon is the only Digimon I will ever draw.  He is pretty neat and has a transparent bg to make your blog look fancy.


please watch this it’s 5 seconds long


Quick sketches to practice drawing movement and poses of this mean seal ;3, goma~!

Digimon Meme: 4/10 Villains - Diablomon/Diaboromon